Winter is here

Winter is here
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One hundred and fifty-eight is the number of visits to the blog from Norway, Sweden & Finland!

Today Jules and I finally climbed in Spansdalen, the ice valley of ice valleys. It was quite warm and it did rain a bit, but the views were pretty and the ice was good. We did two lovely routes on the north side of the road. There was evidence (evidence sounds subtle, which this was not) of avalanches and thawing crossing the road and down other gullies.

 Jules peering at our first route of the day.
 Jules on the first pitch of our first route.
 And our second route.
Mad glint of a doodle starved man. Yup, he always looks much like this.
At last, at last: signs of the lesser spotted norwegian climber. This is the first clue we've had (other than the existence of Bent).
Overlooking the avalanche path of the one that released on our first day in the area. There are a lot more now.
The same avalanche debris, at the roadside. Mashed trees, deep snow, but not Julian.
I went for a little drive this evening. This is a very normal view from a very normal house. In Norwegian terms. Room for one more Norway?


  1. Hi, can't quite see if the route you were on was Hung Over, but if it was the v-thread tat might have been evidence of the lesser-spotted-Brit-expats-living-in-Finland-visiting-Norway-climbers (us) from about 4 weeks ago! :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Toby. Actually, it wasn't that route.....maybe there were 3 sets of climbers in Norway this winter, shock horrer!! What a place huh.