Winter is here

Winter is here
Ron Walker's stunning image of Tamsin, Heather & Rosie on Bellehaven, Fiacaill Buttress (to go to his blog, click on the image above)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Too warm to climb, too cold to swim?

If you can't climb it, why not swim beneath it? We searched a considerable number of fjords for the perfect spot, and I think we found it.

Pretty, but not for swimming.
Julian sampling the water. This beach was strewn with sea urchins (more than I have ever seen) and coral. The snow round the edges is good for wiping the sand off our feet.
 Lovely, but not the right spot for me. Sorry Jules!
That's more like it. This perfect pier belonged to one house. I knocked on the door and asked permission. The owner came out to shovel a path from the snow around her house.
Essentail preparations of Jules and cod.
Jules never swims without his hat. It makes a big difference.

 Mugs shot.
Not much of a straight line there.

And back into the mountains. This is a viewing platform I think.

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