Winter is here

Winter is here
Ron Walker's stunning image of Tamsin, Heather & Rosie on Bellehaven, Fiacaill Buttress (to go to his blog, click on the image above)

Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday was a first for Jill & Mark wearing snow shoes. Lovely. Allowed us to swim on the surface of the snow relatively effortlessly, rather than under it. We'd spotted this route on our road tripping the day before and thought it looked like a good Senja starter. It started out a grey old day, and just as the forecast promised, broke out into another stunner of a day. The Devil's Teeth lurked all day, mostly grinning, a bit of chortling, and another bit of gnashing.

 Our route in Ersfjord.
 Gill looking tolerant of me, just.
 Gill on the second pitch.
Gill arriving at the top of the third pitch.
 The final pillar was steeper but much more featured.
Unfortunately, I could see one Devil's tooth through it. It turned out I was climbing out on a melted out husk of ice. Pretty.
And a little stroll home.

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