Winter is here

Winter is here
Ron Walker's stunning image of Tamsin, Heather & Rosie on Bellehaven, Fiacaill Buttress (to go to his blog, click on the image above)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love Noddy.

Today I got to borrow Noddy's axes (okay, that might sound strange to you, but they do look like his colous, shapes & weight. If he ice climbs then this is what he uses). They are beautiful. Who knows what he did today. Mark & I climbed an ice line by the tunnels. I think it might be one of the most memorable ice routes I've climbed.  The day featured all the stuff pictured below, plus - yet more eagles, rainbow features above our route, NO walk in, & Yeti howling in his truck!

The village where we are staying. Northern lights - eyes right; beautiful mountains - eyes anywhere.
The place we are staying at - Senja Lodge run by Bent. Pretty wonderful place.
 Today's ice route. Spot the tunnel.
Pitch two. Ice on the first pitch was very like good quality scottish stuff. Couldn't believe I was alll the way out here and I'm comparing it to home! The shake-out views are different though. This pitch was superb.
 It was a one camera day.
Mark on the second pitch.

Snow dumper truck reverses out of the tunnel, watches awhile, then toots before heading off. Thought he might object to where our rucsacks were, but it seems that climbers are a novelty here.
 Mark looking cool.
Starting out on third pitch. Getting a little hot in the sunshine at this point.

Hmmm, halva for me & exotic Norwegian spar cake for Mark.

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